Your backyard garden can not only be beautiful oasis of plants and flowers it can also serve as a home to a variety of wildlife.  You can start by simply feeding some birds and planting the right types of flowers to attract butterflies or you can have something much wilder.  Urban sprawl has affected a wide variety of animals, birds and insects and moved them from their natural habitat.  Backyard Garden Wildlife can help you create a home for them.

Our team are passionate about wildlife conservation and we want to help homeowners just like you to turn their yards not just into a floral showpiece but an oasis for local wildlife.  If you are lucky enough to have plenty of space we can help you attract a variety of animals, for a smaller space you can still have birds and butterflies calling your yard home.

Feel free to browse through our articles showing you how to create your own wildlife garden and if you have any questions you need only contact us.